Why Advertise with Us?

We want to SEND YOU our customers.

We Literally Drive Tourism to You!

McScoot's is one of the most recognized brand names and tourist destinations in the entire Kelowna and greater Okanagan area of British Columbia. For nearly 30 years, our roadside Motorcycle & Scooter rental stand has been a mainstay of both local riders and tourists alike. Each month we send out hundreds of motorcycle and scooter adventurists from all over the world in search of the next perfect open-road getaway. If you have a business along any of the several recommended Routes that depart in all directions from one of our local kiosks (more locations to come as we expand), then we are literally sending customers your way. All you need now is a way to encourage our mobile drive-by customers to stop into YOUR BUSINESS and drop some tourism dollars in your till.


Introducing McScoot's Preferred Merchant Advertising Program™, or PMAP™ for short. Watch this short promotional video to get the gist of the program.

How it Works


As a prospective PMAP™ merchant, you have most likely been directly invited by one of our marketing team members to list your business, service, or destination on our platform to be eligible for direct B2C business-to-consumer pull-marketing using our innovative McScoot's Member Benefits Program. Each of our guest riders who rents a motorcycle or scooter has the choice to select one of several suggested routes to tour with their rental, or to simply go free-wheeling. Some rentals may be for as little as 4 hours while others could last for several days or weeks at a time.


Regardless of the term, each rider is allowed to self-select some PMAP™ adventure gift cards containing unique offers from our many supporting merchants located along a chosen route, as well as from local and national advertisers who may not be situated along any particular route. Riders have the choice to 1) print the PDF version from our website, 2) pick up a hard copy gift card (the same size as a standard business card) from our local kiosk at the time of pick-up, or 3) either display the ad on a mobile device or simply mention the ad upon arrival at your business. Our kiosk attendants will encourage riders to visit each merchant along the route to receive EXCLUSIVE OFFERS that are unique to McScoot's clients.

Advertising Subscriptions


We have several seasonal Merchant Plans & Pricing options available, each with its own value proposition. Although our primary summer rental season is about six months long, you do get the full 12 months of the year with your prepaid subscription. Your ad placement is a paid annual subscription which means you get year-long advertising with us since our clients do plan their trips and motorcycle rentals some months in advance. Who knows, we MAY even be getting into some winter sports equipment rentals by 2022 - wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Take a moment now to read the details of each plan to better understand what is included in the various advertising packages. Click here.

Regardless of the option chosen, you maintain complete control over creating and managing the content of your publicly-visible social-media-style profile using the innovative My Merchant self-management interface. (Click on the Merchants tab now to see how other merchants have designed their profiles.) You may update your profile at any time to tailor your contact details, message, promotional video, and special offers (seasonal or off-season).

You provide us with an inventory of at least 100 offer gift cards using our formatted template design. (Design and printing is included with all but the Basic plan). Cards can be general or numbered, depending on the level of detailed tracking you require. We place those cards in the sorted Route ID dispenser at our local kiosk and invite our riders to pick the offers they desire. Gift envelopes are then given out to each rider to help secure their cards. It is then up to the strength of your offer to "pull" our riders into your business. It's that simple.

This type of marketing is 100% measurable and trackable advertising based on the number of redeemed cards you receive. When combined with tracking cookies on your website, you can even gain web analytics to see how much traffic you receive from click-through links from our website. Talk to your web administrator for how to set that up at your business.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

(Registration Tutorial Video - Click Here)

  1. Visit the Plans & Pricing page to select your PMAP™ advertising subscription. All plans come with a 3-day trial period to test out the back office interface. (You will be prompted to Login to your profile or Sign-up to the site if you haven't yet created a username and password.)

  2. Create a Merchant Profile

  3. Complete your Merchant Profile details and a special offer that will be visible to the public. If you have a promotional video, you can link that to your account so that it plays within the profile. (Video production services are available from ThoughtWurx for an additional fee.) 

  4. Design your printed gift card according to the Design Specifications we provide. (Most plans include this design service for free.)

  5. Send your cards to the chosen rental location and we will begin including them with each rental as per the Route ID chosen by our riders.


We have tried to make this PMAP™ advertising partnership as easy as possible for you to adopt and self-administer year-round with only basic computer skills. If you can login to a banking portal or create a social media profile, you can manage your McScoot's merchant profile with ease. We even offer all of your staff a 25% discount on all rentals as a channel partner incentive!

We look forward to creating a mutually beneficial business arrangement with you that will be profitable for many years to come. See you on the inside!


Jack Nemeth. 


 Design Specs 


Once you decide to partner with us as a PMAP™ merchant, you will need to provide us with some printed marketing materials to offer our clients. Our size specifications must be adhered to since compactness is important to our riders who have limited storage space while riding.


If you intend to design your own printed coupon offers, please visit our Design Specs page for details and templates. Most of our advertising sponsorship packages include FREE design of your gift card offer and the initial run of 100 cards. See the Plans & Pricing page for details.


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