Nelson-Rock Creek Hwy 3A/3 (DH58) - The Kootenays / Hot Springs / Nelson

May 16, 2017

More magic from the Crowsnest. And another captivating motorcycle road conjured up from B.C.’s major southern route. With broad and sweeping elegance, this manicured highway bows east out of Grand Forks, winding through the Sunshine Valley, assisted by the lovely and talented Kettle River. After the river vanishes into Christina Lake, the road embarks upon its greatest feat: a twisty but mesmerically engineered climb into the mountains toward the spellbinding heights of Bonanza Pass. With numerous passing lanes, you’ll probably be oblivious to the audience of pylons in attendance. But you won’t be deceived by the pavement. It’s as if the road’s been sawed in half, like some cheap trick. Until Paulson Bridge, the highway is as smooth as a silk handkerchief. Beyond the bridge, the tar strips make it as unpleasant as a bed of nails. Obviously, it’s time the Ministry of Highways pulled a rabbit—or at least a little cash-- out of its hat. Nevertheless, this DH is still well worth the price of admission.



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