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BC02 - Southern Okanagan / Penticton


Distance: 311 km

Duration: 5 hrs

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Route Summary


Southern Okanagan
Kelowna-Rock Creek  Hwy 33 
Rock Creek-Osoyoos-Kelowna  Hwy 3/97

- 311 km approx 5 hrs
- diverse scenery and roads

- Riding the shores of Okanagan Lake
  (maybe Ogopogo?)
- Osoyoos... Canada's only true desert
- The view from the top of Anarchist Mountain 4000 ft
above Osoyoos
- Orchards and fruit stands galore
- The Prospector Pub... a must "biker stop"


Kelowna-Rock Creek  Hwy 33


If you like ‘em long and fast, we highly recommend this lightly travelled 127.0 km (78.7 mi) jaunt. Although straightish at the start, this well-engineered road becomes progressively twistier as you go along. Starting off in the flatland along the Kettle River, you soon switch to the remote and rugged terrain of the West Kettle River Valley. You negotiate rocky slopes, slim canyons and forested plateaus as this DH follows the river to its source high in the mountains. At the top, the pavement spills over the summit and makes a dramatic descent into the Okanagan Valley. The road surface is consistently good to excellent. We expect your mood will be, too



Rock Creek-Osoyoos-Kelowna  Hwy 3/97


Into sweepers? This DH has the best in the southern B.C. The huge curves on the longest continuous ascent of any highway in Canada are vast, plentiful and concentrated. No sooner are you finished one and you’re into the next. And the next. And the next. Desert gives way to forest as you climb steeply out of the Okanagan Valley along the bluffs that loom over Osoyoos Lake. Even when the sweepers ease up after you reach the Anarchist Summit and enter the high-rolling plains of the Kettle Valley, the sweeping valley vistas and ever-changing terrain keep things interesting. Check out this distinctive DH and experience the best of the Crowsnest.

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