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BCL Adventures Ltd

Route ID:


Motorcycle & Scooter Rentals. We are the hub for all services and merchants on this site. We intitiate the motorcylce and scooter rentals, and send clients off in all directions for free-wheelin' happy trails adventures. Won't you join us?

Global Financial NetworX, LLC

Route ID:


Life is stressful right now. Buying insurance doesn't have to be.
COVID-19 is causing delays with various types of insurance applications. Apply online or call and we'll help you get covered.

The Red Mile

Route ID:

·AB Local

You've heard about it on TV, you've read about it in the papers, and you've seen it on the internet. NOW, come and visit it in person!

ThoughtWurx Inc.

Route ID:


We are an innovative boutique consulting firm catering to SME's, governmental organizations, and educational facilities helping them to optimize their continuing education and new employee training costs. We specialize in developing online, on-demand, e-Learning courses that monetize YOUR knowledge bank. Web development, video production, and marketing strategy are tools of the trade. Need an explainer video to help you market your product or service more efficiently? No problem. We excel at creating fun and engaging informative video animations.

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(250) 763-HOOT (4668)

2330 Hwy 97 N, Kelowna, BC

Canada, V1X 7E8


(Conveniently located between Kelowna Yamaha and One Boardshop on the Highway across from Staples)


Mailing address ONLY

c/o 55 Langford Crescent 

Red Deer, AB

Canada, T4R 3E5 

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